What makes a toolkit great

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You know what makes a toolkit great? When it does what it's supposed to. It seems like I have to learn a major toolkit for every job I get. For example, for the General Electric work I learned three.js, Unity3D, Adobe Script (for After Effects & Photoshop), among others. When you just hit the road coding and [...]

How I perform Live Looping with FCB1010, Push, Violin, Bass

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UPDATE: I have created an additional Max For Live device that makes this whole setup quite a bit easier to use by customizing push's grid and eliminating the laptop from the performance. I'll add another post with an easy to digest video once I get it totally refined.This post is the culmination of a few [...]

The Mythical Toolkit

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I have a dream.... Whenever I come across a new toolkit, find it's feature list appealing, and starting looking deeper at the documentation, I have a dream of what I want it to be. Interestingly, the dream is almost always the same regardless of what domain the toolkit addresses - mobile development, video game programming, [...]


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There is a small window between learning and knowing where it's possible to surprise yourself with a good design. Sometimes you are confronted with a new set of technologies and a new problem domain, and armed with a solid background in the fundamentals software engineering. You lay out the plans and begin work taking the [...]

User Interaction – The Next Step

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The best thing about the iPad. Man, we dev monkeys have known for a long time that something like the iPad was a good idea. Remember how touchscreens were like this mystical feature into a world of futuristic interfaces for so long? Like how engaging warp nine was totally the shit in conceptual whiteboard land [...]


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We've been having a hell of a (great!) time stitching together a new creative process with a new team here in the office. The company is already producing some really great 3d models, and I have been hired to head up the software effort to make those models interactive. Go touchscreen, go!Something that has struck [...]