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Family Diagram allows you to create family diagrams for use in family or individual psychotherapy, organizational coaching, and case presentations. Different than a genogram, a family diagram is centered around Bowen’s concept of differentiation of self. Coaches who are interested in applying Bowen theory can use Family Diagram in real-time with their clients to quickly gain a larger perspective on an emotional system.

Family Diagram makes it easy to add new members while maintaining a clean layout, collect arbitrary dimensions of functioning, and allow for hand-written annotations using the Apple Pencil. It runs on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Beta testing will proceed with interested parties before a full commercial release. Educational licenses will be available in limited quantities. If you would like to submit your ideas, interest, or donate to the project, please get in touch with us using the form on this page.

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Here is a summary of how I envision the workflow which includes the dimension of time in a family diagram:

  1. Start a new diagram in session with a client.
  2. Add and arrange the people, data, emotional process symbols, and session process notes.
  3. The next time you meet with the client, hit “new session”. The previous session is saved as a snapshot with the appropriate date.
  4. Add and rearrange more elements on the diagram.
  5. Hit “new session” at the next meeting, and repeat…
  6. Scroll through the snapshots using a timeline scroller to get a chronological feel of the emotional process.

Some notes:

  • Rearranging people affects all session snapshots (maybe; testing needed)
  • People are normally only added through the snapshots, not removed.
  • “Deleting” a person implies that they were added by mistake and removes them along with all associated notes & emotional process symbols from all snapshots.
  • People ages auto-update based on birthday. Correct ages are stored for each snapshot.
  • Think about adding a way to write/type process notes to store with each snapshot.

Some pipe dreams:

  1. Predictive modeling which can produce hypothetical snapshots as a function of prior relationship patterns plus anxiety, multiplied by differentiation of self of each member.

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