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March 2006

Toolchain Milestone

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The interesting thing about using python for all of this app is that the functional nature and functional relationship of the engine and app code are such that the behavioral advantages of the python code outweigh the performance advantages of C code.I now find more reason to make the python code fast than to make [...]

Functional PKSampler 0.4a

By |2006-03-25T22:13:00-09:00March 25th, 2006|Uncategorized|

An alpha release of pksampler-0.4 is available!I haven't experienced any instabilites yet, and I don't expect much. Since the code is all python I've been adding more features and removing less bugs. Sweet!

pyrtmidi pysoundtouch

By |2006-03-25T06:17:00-09:00March 25th, 2006|Uncategorized|

I've released pyrtmidi and pysoundtouch, wrappers for RtMidi and libSoundTouch.Both libraries have really clean APIs and were pretty simple to wrap. I think pyrtmidi is the simplest and best MIDI I/O lib out there. Shoot, I couldn't even find one python extension that provided cross-platform MIDI I/O! So the pksampler go midi input support in [...]

Pyhton is slow

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I am finding that I favor C programming over python when I'm tired, because it feels like it requires less brain power. What?!?! you ask? Well, one spends more time typing, and more time thinking in a very structured manner when writing C code. With python, you are so bloody productive that you have to [...]

First PKSampler Prototype

By |2006-03-16T02:16:00-09:00March 16th, 2006|Uncategorized|

I've got the first major proof of concept working for the pksampler.The prototype can play a bunch of samples on the beat with volume, temp, and loop length control. The components are sample-accurate and have fairly complete unit tests. All this and today is Emily's birfday - imagine that.

PKAudio Scheduler

By |2006-03-15T04:59:00-09:00March 15th, 2006|Uncategorized|

The pkaudio scheduler passes current unit tests.The pkaudio scheduler ( writes its sound to frame locations. It has transparent and infinite polyphony, and can scale pitch in real-time. This function is the foundation of the pksampler, and will consitute the first prototype's audio engine. Yippee!


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propagandapropaganda | noun1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view : he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda.---------------------------------------------I checked to see what it was all about, and found a very thorough and interesting web site. The art was [...]

PKAudio Timing

By |2006-03-11T05:15:00-09:00March 11th, 2006|Uncategorized|

I just got some unit tests working for the pkaudio sequencing code. It looks really good!All of the code in pkaudio is for frame-based timing. Any musical abstraction on top of that will be implemented in pk.sampler. Routing/graphing is left out, and will come later

First Post

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I whipped up this nice little blog using pybloxsom, and a call to urllib2.urlopen from a trac macro. Praise python!pyblosxm is cool because al you have to do is edit files on the file system. Too bad they aren't date ordered or anything.