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May 2006

Py eq Better Performance

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Are python programmers better than other programmers, or is python just better than other programs? If the added overhead of writing tools to use our tools still allows the code to be written faster and better than with their tools, isn't there something wrong?In my general discussions about problem-solving, the talk almostalways comes back to [...]

Iterations and Testability

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A streaming system is easier to test if modelled at its smallest resolution.For example, in stream.render(window), window could be a floating-point time window in seconds. If your system has a resolution of 1 nano second, make stream.render call stream.render_nano(). That way if you know render_nano works, you can safely move to testing render() all together.

The Ideal Code

By |2006-05-15T08:03:00-09:00May 15th, 2006|Uncategorized|

I found a light at the end of the tunnel of my portion of the cone of learning tonight. It involves resolution of the conflict behind comments, whitespace, prototyping, and optimized (reading, running) code. Ideal code is atomic. It is divided into separate coherent blocks,each with one and only one purpose. There are no comments, [...]

Intel or Almost Intel

By |2006-05-10T08:13:00-09:00May 10th, 2006|Uncategorized|

I bought an intel iMac and have found that most of the programs that i want to run on it are still compiled for ppc, so they are quite slow.OK, Ok, granted I've become a bit of a snob lately about the tools I use according to their availability, but shoot, I don't want to [...]

Functioning Sequencer

By |2006-05-09T19:46:00-09:00May 9th, 2006|Uncategorized|

So the pksampler has a nice draggable synth/effect/pattern interface, a pattern editor, and nice fat scrollbars. The guts of the whole thing is the OSC sequencer interface, which remains very buggy but at the same time very slick. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the code, try to get it some publicity, and let [...]

Elements of Artistry

By |2006-05-02T08:57:00-09:00May 2nd, 2006|Uncategorized|

I had a vision today of some really advanced graphical interface characteristics that are waaaay out of my reach. People that make the kind of UIs I want to make spend all of their time on UIs. They are graphic artists, and smart enough to peice their art together into a functional interface. Thinking about [...]