I had a vision today of some really advanced graphical interface characteristics that are waaaay out of my reach.

People that make the kind of UIs I want to make spend all of their time on UIs. They are graphic artists, and smart enough to peice their art together into a functional interface. Thinking about how I currently dwell somewhere in between systems, app, and UI-level code made me realize that I know about as much about where I am going to end up professionally as a high-school graduate knows about what he’s going to do for a living.

Everythin I’m doing right now is a lot of fun, but amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of my life in code. I am doing nothing more than gaining the experience to one day learn where it is I really want to land.

I’ll tell you what, if I could make music like the stuff I’m listening to on friskyradio right now I’d be pretty well chuffed with my life.