So the pksampler has a nice draggable synth/effect/pattern interface, a pattern editor, and nice fat scrollbars. The guts of the whole thing is the OSC sequencer interface, which remains very buggy but at the same time very slick. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the code, try to get it some publicity, and let the next step fizzle its way into my brain.

So yes, the current code gets you noise right off the bat. Make sure you download and unpack pksampler-patches.tgz. The current code exhibits the fundamental pksampler concepts, which are very similar to Ableton Live. You drag synths and effects onto the mixer, and drag patterns onto the synths to get them to make sound.

New synthesizers can be defined by writing synthdefs for supercollider and putting the compiled files in ~/.pksampler/synthdefs, then adding a Synth subclass in pk.sampler.synths to provide access to the synthdef’s name arguments. Currently pksampler-patches only has a sine generator.

The synthesizer/sequencer concept is complete, so the new phase will focus on getting it to be more of a wav file player for dj’s. This will include very nice beat-matching controls, tighter starting/stopping, and volume.