Are python programmers better than other programmers, or is python just better than other programs? If the added overhead of writing tools to use our tools still allows the code to be written faster and better than with their tools, isn’t there something wrong?

In my general discussions about problem-solving, the talk almost
always comes back to “how can we get that into python?”. Python
programmers being more agile means that they can work in more places
because writing extensions for it is so bloody easy.

When I found PyQt, the first thing I thought was “how can I write
an audio app with this?” When I needed midi input – I found a C++
libary and wrote an extension – in one day. When tasked with writing a
sampler interface that is aimed to become the industry standard, I
decide its STILL faster to write an extension so I can prototype in
python. In the corporate world my co-workers and I were consistently
solving problems light-years ahead of others – we were even doing
other departments’ work because they couldn’t deliver their product
fast enough!

The scary and confusing part is that I find myself falling into a
rut where I am constantly writing code as proof that my tools are
better, but its not doing anything for me. WHY WHY WHY!? Why can’t
they see that even a dodgy grasp of client/server computing allows for
ANY graphical toolkit? Why can’t they see that ONE man can write and
maintain the whole bloody site if it uses plone? Why are they so
afraid of success? WHY?!?