So I’ve been spending a lot of time writing commercial music software and playing with ableton live.

There is no better way to become a better programmer than to write
code commercially. You can learn a lot more with deadlines, using new
design patterns, and interacting with others than you can just writing
“cool” software at home. It is obvious after getting used to ableton
live that the pksampler is not going to provide the ground-breaking
concepts that it would have had I released it a while
ago. Fortunately, though, there is a lot of useful code in there.

It would be nice to provide a sampler interface with some synths and
midi support. I could go further with a pattern editor and
adding/saving midi files or clips like ableton live. It would be
important to stick to established standards as much as possible to
keep it as palettable as possible for new people. Touchscreen
usability would be vital, of course…