I’ve been spending a lot of time relating to the world as a pool of
energy lately. If you use the analogy that everything in the world,
every action and every object represents a certain amount of a certain
kind of energy, you begin to adopt this interesting relationship with
your environment. By just calling it “energy”, I’ve saved myself the
time I could be wasting trying to come up with explainations for
everything, and I have more time to react to the energy. There’s good
energy, bad energy, strong, weak, fluctuating. Once I realized that I
wanted to be able to react to people and things better and that I
didn’t care why or how, things started to get a lot more interesting.

A lot of it has to do with becoming more of an observer and less of an
actor. Opening up your body and paying more attention to sensory input
allows you to learn more about what’s happening around you, and
eventually allows your body and mind to react in more of a natural way,
instead of a pre-conceived rationalized way.

This stuff is inherently difficult or impossible to write about,
because it has so much to do with letting go of using intellect to
rationalize why things happen the way they do, and just letting your
body react the way it feels right. It gets really interesting, though,
when I start to observe all the usual religions and how they tell you
to live and the things they tell you to do. I am starting to see more
unified concepts that exist between them, and conversely how the areas
that they conflict arise mostly from ignorance where the participants
fail to see the big picture.

I suppose I would now call myself a spiritual person since I am in
touch with things that we don’t see and touch. But, I don’t really
like that word so much because when you hear it you tend to think of
God and Allah and angels, and most importantly reference to some
religious. More specifically when I thing of “spiritual” I think of
ignorance. But, it seems like the closest thing we’ve got to what I’m

So I steer away from definitions and explainations. In fact, it’s kind
of counter-productive to write this stuff down except as inner dialog
(my blog, my way!). Don’t rationalize, don’t define, don’t put things
in a box. It is possible to teach without text and it is possible to
explain without using words. If you are what you beleive and feel,
people and things have a way of detecting and reacting to it even if
they don’t realize it.

“Free yourself and you free the world”

        – The Buddha