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July 2008

C++ and Python project config

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Before I started writing commercial C++ code a couple of years ago, I had just begun to reach a wonderful state of Zen with python. I had developed good personal balance of prototyping, code organization, and debugging techniques that I still haven't seen the likes of with my C++ project. If anything, the biggest advantage [...]

Multiple RT threads and the GIL

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The ProblemSame old topic, new person. The GIL sucks. It makes programming easy, but it makes true parallel processing impossible. Audio sequencing plugin hosts use a different thread for each track, allowing their DSP to scale with the number of available processors. While python has performed beautifully for doing control-rate midi processing in our commercial [...]

forste melding

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Hello! I'm back after over a year. After becoming more involved in my C++ work for EastWest, I didn't have the time to focus on my python code. Now after implementing a python-based scripting engine for Play, I've slowly regained a grip on my personal artistic interests and have startup up my blog again.I don't [...]