I miss my powerbook g4 12″, because it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. Finally I had a compact laptop with more than enough screen, a full sized keyboard that felt really good, and unix running under a beautifully simple interface. Geek talk? Yes.

The only problem with the powerbook is that it is slow. Bit-blips ooze like cold honey out of their frame buffers, and gcc burns through parsely like a lost kitty. Poor gcc, poor PyQt. My macbook currently does everything I need it to. Sure, concurrent disks would be useful but it runs ableton live and is very good for developing C++ apps. Fix the bloody macbook, apple! 12″! 12″!!
The other day I downloaded the Doomsday engine and loaded (my?) DOOM2.WAD (note caps). I’m re-united with some seriously old, and seriously fun gaming. I’ll never forget the first time I got locked in playing a Doom 1 deathmatch against John Kew and Steve Houston at John’s place on Arctic. I quickly built myself a K5 90MHz with any parts I could scrounge up – and I mean *scrounge*. We spent more time getting our machines to work than playing games, but I was skipping track practice the first time I tried it. 12 years later I finally got control of the addiction…or have I?