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November 2008


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I have a tremendous problem with radio interference in my house. My KRK studio monitors blast KMXS 103.1 so loud that I can hear it over music I am actually playing through the speakers. It's so loud that it's about the right volume for listening to the radio at work in an office.The interference is [...]

Concurrency Contexts

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I noticed my self saying "where the script is run", describing what thread was executing the script code in my C++ app. Is it more natural to think of a thread as a physical context, comparing it to a 'where' instead of 'what'? In the real world threads are represented by objects that do something, [...]

Back To Basics, Getting the Flow

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Do you ever pick up your old, slow laptop and wish that it hadn't obsolescicized so fast? I absolutely love my 12" ppc powerbook. It isn't fast enough to play a decent live set using Ableton Live for which my white macbook is perfectly suited, and it only has one processor which makes it a [...]

Notes for embedding python in your C/C++ app.

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As I've written about before, I've embedded python into our sampler application to create a control-rate scripting language. The python code is run with (*gasp*) real-time priority in the audio thread, and performs quite well, as long s no one does a while True: pass. There were a ton of hurdles for embedding the app [...]

Piano Overtones

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I finally got a chance to a look into some of the code that affects the personality of one of our instruments. One of our script writers wrote a script to add overtones to a piano, which in our case this means a Steinway, a Bosendorfer, a Bechstein, and a Yamaha. Overtones are sounds produced [...]

Style Wars

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The WarSo I wrote this wicked scripting engine for our top-end sampler engine, but since I'm the main GUI gui as well (call me mister high-level), I've been to busy to write any scripts or oversee any of our script writers' work. This is important because the script writers are used to writing scripts for [...]


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I've been reading this book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called "The Evolving Self", which has a really good analysis on how and why people become involved in the activities they do. Mihaly uses a term called "Flow" to describe an ideal state where skills and challenge are in balance and the participant is lost in his [...]

Musical Supercomputing

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Robert Henke has an essay on his site about how live musical performances have changed now that we've got loads of recording and playback hardware available to bedroom producers. It's a very interesting read.From the article:"""This fragmentary text is the attempt to sum up some thoughts of mine about performing electronic music live. Since starting [...]

I want I want

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So I started a little project a while ago called the pksampler that was an attempt to build something that would allow me to improvise and play my techno tracks like I always thought the Djs did back when I was 17. Then Ableton Live came along and blew everyone's socks off with it's incredible [...]