So I started a little project a while ago called the pksampler that was an attempt to build something that would allow me to improvise and play my techno tracks like I always thought the Djs did back when I was 17. Then Ableton Live came along and blew everyone’s socks off with it’s incredible workflow and reliability. I’ve still got a long way to go before I wrap my head around all the possibilities with Live, but one thing’s for sure – there’s still something that I’m missing.

I want to sit there and get involved in my tracks as they play. I don’t want to just play canned loops and transitions, but I want get more involved. I want to stand over my awesome Xone:3D and play the bloody song for a crowd of people. Do I need to just get better at my production? Do I need to learn to play the guitar, bass, and drums better? Do I need to learn more about midi and the possibilities of digital components? Do my tracks just need to sound better? I don’t know. I’ve been chasing this forever. If I could figure this out, I could quit writing software for a living and actually become a ski bum for the rest of my life.
People go to a rave and they see this guy playing all this awesome music and they think he’s totally the bomb because they like what they hear. I want to make that real and build or acquire a music platform so I can spend some time getting good at it so I can write some tracks and perform them live. How How How How How?
I guess the pksampler still has some purpose after all.