I have a tremendous problem with radio interference in my house. My KRK studio monitors blast KMXS 103.1 so loud that I can hear it over music I am actually playing through the speakers. It’s so loud that it’s about the right volume for listening to the radio at work in an office.

The interference is definitely worse on one side of the house, and significantly better about 15 feet away. Unfortunately my place isn’t that big so I can’t move my stuff. Cell reception here is also bad, and Clearwire only works in one corner of the house – the customer service reps said they’ve never seen interference so bad.
Does anyone know how to help with this? It’s been driving me crazy for 2 years, and I’m about to call the FCC.
– My power and signal lines never cross.
– I rent, and so can’t insulate the walls.
– I use a standard american 3-pronged 120V connector, and all electronics are grounded to the wall.
– Ferrites on the signal lines inside the powered speakers don’t help.
– The interference is only high frequency, and is directly affected by moving signal cables and power bricks.
I’ve only found a quite cable layout once, and as soon as I moved something I lost it. It’s near impossible to find again. So frustrating. I used to like listening to The Police..