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December 2008

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

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The python community thrives on discussion. Like really, long, heated discussion. Python is by far the cleanest and most artistic language I have ever seen, and the CPython API is equally as impressive. I've actually become very entertained the last several months just by reading discussions about language design, most prominently about discussions regarding the [...]

Writing and Selling a Small Commercial Product

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So let's say you are a smart little developer that has an idea for a small niche software product. You're thinking you could spend X number of hours putting together your nifty tool, and then publish it on your web page with a commercial license, and maybe an open source license as well. What sort [...]

Does Remote Work Imply Strong Encapsulation?

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We have a C++ project with three primary developers. The managing developer #1 is in L.A, developer #2 is in Berlin, and I am in Anchorage. The manager works with the boss and product designers and developer #2. I work with developer #1, and almost never interact with developer #2 in Berlin because of the [...]