So let’s say you are a smart little developer that has an idea for a small niche software product. You’re thinking you could spend X number of hours putting together your nifty tool, and then publish it on your web page with a commercial license, and maybe an open source license as well. What sort of hurdles would you expect to run into? Would bug fixes be too much of a bother? Does publishing your code under an open source license help with these bugs? Just how easy is it to sell your code and publish it for free at the same time? Is it feasable to put into your commercial terms a clause limiting your liability for use of your code? Would selling a well-constructed piece of software make you more attractive to prospective employers? How often has a single person done this (I know Jules did when he wrote juce)? Lot of questions!

Having worked in the audio world for a couple of years I’ve got a couple of ideas for tools and wrappers I’d like to write and sell for a little extra cash in between jobs, so naturally this idea is interesting.