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March 2009

Automating Your Testing and Build System?

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GOAL: For a tester to hit a "build" button to get the current trunk revision.We want a fast bug report to build turnaround time, like immediate. A web page with a "bugs fixed" revision log entry, build errors, and build button. This would require a few things on the end of the developers to work:1) [...]

La Musica Bonita

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Flash forward fifteen years in the future. and electronic music is dead. The word "genre" has been whittled down from 800 permutations including funk, house, ambient, classical, minimal, rock, and indie, and now is used to differentiate between two musical environments - live and recorded.Just like the merging genetic avenues of the human race, all [...]

The Most Important Streaming Video Feature

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There are a few videos that I watch online, like Family Guy, South Park, some random Adult Swim stuff, and netflix movies. I'm really psyched to have them available, but I can't believe that none of them use a calculated wait on the buffer to ensure that the video will playback smoothly. Yeah, sure we [...]