I quit my job two weeks ago. I don’t want to program at work any more. I’m sick of being inside and stationary, and I’m sick of working in an environment where people don’t talk to each other.

Over the last few years I’ve worked for one company producing high-end music software. When I came in I was invincible, and after working for someone with a completely different approach to problem solving (right down to code style), I’ve become weak and ineffectual.
Well, those days are over. I’m going to get my style back and get back on the wagon of invincibility. Programming is art and should be a pure and unadulterated stream of conciousness from the developer to the machine. Python is art. Good design is art. Milestones are art. Good energy is art.
A lot of people tend to think that developing software means you have to work hard in a tunnel environment, like a battery sucked off the matrix. Well, I don’t subscribe to this philosophy. I believe that you have to really reach your potential in all walks of life you have to get up from your desk and replenish your sense of life between blocks of code. You have to joke about TPS reports and Bill Lumbergh’s ass and fling little paper shells at each other and keep a tally. The other guys around you need a recharge, too, and then you can sit back down and bang out the last few lines with clarity and conviction.
I’m psyched to get back to coding for the sake of art, where the idea and the implementation are solid gold. I quit my job, gave up my place, and I’m going to go bar tend in Jackson Hole and program for fun. I’ve got some PyQt dev kits to write to simplify audio software development, and have a huge GIL to deal with. We’ll see what happens.