Look guys, for all of you archaic rich white guys in the recording business that are freaked out about the internet ruining your profits, it’s time for a face lift.

I’ve never bought so much music in my life after I started listening to so much internet radio. Maybe I’m some kind of freakish standout, but whenever I have a decent job (I fluctuate) and hear something I like, I almost always buy it on the spot from Amazon or iTunes. When I don’t have money, I don’t buy it and wouldn’t buy it anyway.

Whenever I buy music I buy a downloadable copy, and I always buy it without DRM. I have to say that I really miss having a tangible collection of albums with artwork though. I really like being at home with the computer off, walking over to my music collection, picking it up, and listening to the whole album (Steely Dan’s Aja, for example). Playing scratched CD’s or records totally sucks, but fondling the albums is fun.
What can we learn from this, RIAA and friends? I’ve never spent so much money on albums, and have NEVER bought singles before being able to hear music on pandora and other internet stations. Get it out there. Keep it free, make it available, and for crying out loud CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL!
Here’s some things I recently bought:
(Notice how I’m posting the links directly to the store, and notice how some of them I’ve probably had since the mid nineties…)