OK, I’ll continue on with my tirade on programming lifestyle, and computer personalities.

I’m trying to figure out how to handle subtle conflicts that arise over text chat interfaces, like AIM. The two problems I run into the most are misinterpreting other’s remarks (generally for the negative, causing the other guy to seem grumpy), and the other guy answering your question or segueing so fast that you don’t get a chance to finish your response.

I have no idea how to get around misinterpreting someone else’s typings. This usually happens when you never get any face time with the person, and is much harder to avoid when deadlines and strict business-like requirements add pressure to the situation. Adding a spoken language barrier to the mix also adds a significant challenge.

This problem is usually always personal (meaning it’s YOUR problem), and really puts your ability to give other’s the benefit of the doubt to the test. After a few years of problems with this I decided I didn’t have the patience for that job anymore and decided to quit.

As for the second thing, I am consistently “typed-over” by some hyper people, which is just like when someone talks over you and never lets you finish what you are saying. My current theory relates to how coders, and especially coders that “reaaally” get into their work (been there), and get so used to operating as kings in this beautifully controlled computer world that they forget that they can’t control the other people they are trying to communicate with.