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November 2009

Basic Embedded Scripting Schema

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Consider this scenario: The CPython interpreter is embedded in a C++ app. Users can use a built-in editor to define a script or two with pre-defined callbacks, and can make calls on the application's engine. Users can write extension modules and packages, and can import and communicate other scripts written right in the editor. A [...]

An interesting thread problem

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Interesting problemI am trying to flesh out the thread locking for our embedded python interpreter. A user can write scripts for our application, and if a script defines a callback it can respond to events from the application (like a midi note or musical clock tick).As it stands, we are not using process migration to [...]

Pure Art

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There comes a point when a piece of art is so refined that the products, byproducts, and even messiest and most defiled anty-products of that piece of art look good. The old rule that the back of the cross-stich should look as nice as the front applies throughout all kinds of art, whether it's computer [...]

Sell Out

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Music peopleGo download the free Ableton Live demo and then have a look at Adam Freeland's Live set on there site, here. Fabulous.Programming peopleWhat's the difference between music and programming anymore anyway? Bloody hell, all of today's music has been recorded, mixed, and sometimes even conceived on software.When I went broke a month ago I [...]