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December 2009

It’s time to get serious about processes

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No matter how hard it may be to say or accept it, I think that the real answer for this whole GIL/process thing is to just buckle down and start getting better at using processes.Opening the Chrome beta reminded me that using more processes should not be a scary thing. Before we got used to [...]

Something I really like about python

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One thing I really like about python is that the language (syntax, parser, compiler, interpreter) itself is actually very small. A lot (75%0 of the functional code that I end up actually debugging and reading is just plain old python stuff that most of us can understand.Aside from the runtime stuff, most of the python [...]

My Experience Porting to CPython 3

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I was trying to port our C++ app to python 3, but am sadly not having much luck. I use Tools/freeze/ to embed the .py sources of the python lib into the application, and also build as many C modules into libpython as possible using Modules/Setup.local.After porting PyString_AsString() calls to PyBytes_AsString(), and updating a few [...]