No matter how hard it may be to say or accept it, I think that the real answer for this whole GIL/process thing is to just buckle down and start getting better at using processes.

Opening the Chrome beta reminded me that using more processes should not be a scary thing. Before we got used to async javascript requests, we never would have thought to develop full-on applications using a web browser. But, the basic technology was there, someone just had to do it. No one would have thought that streaming video to a phone would work, but now they do it, and now we know that only 3% of AT&T’s users are causing the majority of their bandwidth issues.

We just need more practice using processes, and we need better tools to use them. The multiprocessing module is a TERRIFIC example of this. Now it’s easy to write tools from the process-domain. Other than the technical difficulty of writing code to manage child processes and use shared memory, I can’t think of a single reason why we shouldn’t just be using processes instead of threads.

My motivation for this comes completely from the annoyance of the gil.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to reliably start and stop a child process on both windows and mac, and I have never used shared memory. It seems like a really great library to do just that and to map objects in shared memory as if they were in the same processes would be the real killer “app” here.

I mean seriously…