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March 2010

The Value of Writing Your Own Code

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A lot of people will talk about how you shouldn't writing "another string class" or try to write "another msg passing framework". This is because tons and tons of people have done it in the past and it's stupid to repeat their work.This is true, but there is also something to be said about the [...]

Fun with Shared Memory Pipes

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So I've got this sweet python daemon that uses stdin/stdout for IO. It occurred to me that using such operating system pipes would add a possible bottleneck when using ::read() and ::write(). That is not a good idea from within an audio thread, because the results could be unpredictable. I know pretty much *nothing* about [...]

More Process Migration, and Happy with Windows?!?

By |2010-03-12T19:36:00-09:00March 12th, 2010|Uncategorized|

I've made a ton of progress on moving my python interpreter to a daemon process to get around the GIL. I tied up the synchronous RPC mechanism using OSC over pipes, and ran some profiling to see how it was working. Generally speaking, the new IPC stack added 0.3% overhead to the audio thread in [...]

Simple C++ Unit Tests Within Your Application’s Code

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As our project's code has grown, and the use cases have become more complex and hard to remember, I have shut out the practice of writing tests as a method to ensure the quality of my code.Our application runs as a plugin within many different host applications, and so our deployment environment is next to [...]

PyGameSF Talk

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Last Thursday I gave a talk on embedding python as an audio scripting application at the San Francisco Public Library for the PyGameSF meet-up.It had been a while since I'd put anything up in the community on this topic, as I've sort of sat down as an ambitious developer after getting totally burnt out in [...]