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September 2010

Blocking functionality to pyrtmidi

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The pyrtmidi module is now complete, offering both a blocking or non-blocking getMessage(timeout_ms=None) and setCallback(func) option. As far as I know, this is now the only complete python midi I/O extension.I have not compiled it on windows (in fact it probably won't compile), have not compiled on linux (but it probably works), and the code [...]

pyrtmidi updates

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pyrtmidi is a simple python extension to RtMidi, an awesome three-file C++ library that allows you to read and write midi messages from hardware on all platforms. It's awesome.I've been updating the module lately with major api changes. It replaces those inane tuple midi objects with a comprehensive MidiMessage class ripped from the juce library [...]

One idea for GIL contention

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One thing that would eliminate the problem of the single GIL from our app would be to load and reload the libpython dll into a new address space within the same process. Our app is a plugin and the instances never have to talk to each other, so if we could simply load libpython into [...]

Next Year At Burning Man: De-Bunking The DJ

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Next year at Burning Man I want to create a clinic outlining the basics of making dance music. I want to show how easy and simple electronic music in an attempt to debunk the whole "DJ is cool" myth.I'll give a plain-english overview of the tools available to DJ's and producers, and then put together [...]