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August 2011


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I wanted to call this post "giddy", but it turns out that word means "having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy". Not really the feeling I was going for.But, I digress.I am elated at the direction the web is going in. I am most excited with how far from "web" the web is actually becoming. Watching the [...]


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A quote from a really good book:"Design is a process of making, it is the transfer of ideas to a surface by means of tools. Eric Gill used the image of a hand and eye as an emblem in his design. Graphic design exploits the visual and sensual in equal measure."If the computer deprives us [...]

More Bliss: All-Keyboard control in OS X?

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Speaking of bliss... I was just recalling the blissful days of WindowMaker and writing code using nothing but emacs and an xterm. Sub-80 chars and python-mode syntax those were the days. The only thing I used the mouse for was to position and resize my windows once at startup, and I rarely did that [...]

Reaching the top: Pure Bliss

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Have you ever reached a state of pure bliss with your code, or technology? Like when you feel like your skills AND ability to see the big picture both reach a high point so that you are able to actually *express* yourself like an artist. It seems like this is only possible when you specialize [...]