Have you ever reached a state of pure bliss with your code, or technology? Like when you feel like your skills AND ability to see the big picture both reach a high point so that you are able to actually *express* yourself like an artist. It seems like this is only possible when you specialize with a given toolkit and really get your fingers into it, allowing you to actually turn out products at the rate that clients initially EXPECT you too. Pure bliss.

There was a time about 6 years ago when I had barely reached this point doing GUI programming with PyQt. I was able to come up with an idea AND prototype it fast enough so that I could build on the idea without losing the creative spark. A bunch of nice python libraries (including pyrtmidi) came out of this time.
Since then I’ve been forced to change technologies often enough that I haven’t been able to really make things sing. This is an interesting phenomenon.
First it was moving from Python to C++, but the slow link/build times were a total show stopper.
Second was writing a Python-based realtime musical effects engine, with features for authoring SWEET custom GUIs. This one had potential for expression both through the GUI programming and the musical effects, but the project changed directions and I found a new job.
Third is HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Here I am today learning something all over again. Sure, it’s great having a wide range of skills, but man it would be really sweet to actually hit the elite level for SOMETHING and actually have a shot at experiencing pure bliss.
You know what I mean, right? Like when you run across a project and get that “woah” factor…Man I miss that.