Speaking of bliss… I was just recalling the blissful days of WindowMaker and writing code using nothing but emacs and an xterm. Sub-80 chars and python-mode syntax highlighting…man those were the days. The only thing I used the mouse for was to position and resize my windows once at startup, and I rarely did that because my default wmaker session did that for me! Not using the mouse was so FAST.


Whew! I had to take a breath for a second. Here’s a previous post about the same thing, and here’s one from another guy on the same page as me.

These days I use OS X, and I realized how distracted I’ve become from that special place in my programmer heart! Have any other developers managed to remove the mouse from the equation in OS X? What tricks do you use to keep yourself on the keyboard as much as possible? Shortcuts keys? Apple scripts? tab-tab-tab-tab-tab…tab?

Peace out.