– Create an automator application with the following AppleScript and save it somewhere.

on run
  tell application “Finder”
      set frontWin to folder of front window as string
      set frontWinPath to (get POSIX path of frontWin)
      tell application “Terminal”
        do script with command “cd “” & frontWinPath & “””
      end tell
    on error error_message
      display dialog error_message buttons¬
      {“OK”} default button 1
    end try
  end tell
end run

– Right-click the finder toolbar and customize it by dragging the automator application onto the toolbar.
– Change the automator application icon by running “Get Info” on Terminal.app as well as the automator application, and dragging the large Terminal icon onto the icon for the automator application. It should change in the Finder.
– Open a Finder window, navigate to a folder, click the button.
Make this

And you’ll get this
Then you’ll get this