Here is the beginning of a plan for the Family Diagram app, now including concepts for a simulation model:

  1. Standardized Family Diagram app:
    • Construct traditional static family diagrams in iPad / Mac, eventually windows.
    • Use standardized built-in symbols for emotional process between members.
    • Track session snapshots by date for each case file, each snapshot updating ages, births/deaths, marriages/divorces, emotional process, other dimensions of functioning.
    • Ability to cycle through snapshots to see emotional process over time.
    • Export single session to PDF to printing / emailing.
    • Export single session to PNG with transparent background for Powerpoint presentations.
    • Automatic cloud storage to keep data in sync between iPad/laptop.
  2. Add simulation model to traditional family diagram.
    • Generate hypothetical snapshots of nodal event as function of anxiety * differentiation = triangulation-tendency for each family member into hypothetical snapshots.
    • Append hypothetical snapshots to actual snapshot timeline for consistency.
  3. New 3D spherical view for individuality/togetherness (see photo below).
    • Supplemental view to traditional family diagram, tied into same session snapshot data.
    • Family members evenly spaced on 3D spherical configuration so each can have “visual” relationship with each other.
    • Draw relationships as lines connecting members varying thickness/color as needed for various data.
    • Visualize session snapshot as function of individuality/togetherness, with members moving toward each other to form togetherness factions and away from each other to show emotional distance.
    • Show next session snapshot with new triangle config, animate members into new configuration to represent triangles via change in physical “distance” to other members.
    • Benefit: View family as single emotional unit with changing emotional configuration.
    • Benefit: Visualize emotional process relative to theoretical “ideally differentiated” system where all members have equal spacing and equal variance of individuality/togetherness between snapshots.
    • Benefit: Holistic view of relative density/sparsity, shows “complexes” in family unit.
    • Benefit: View patterns of “complexes” of density/sparsity over time.
  4. Research+refine simulation model to move from speculation to prediction.


Conceptual mock-up of 3D-spherical representation of individuality/togetherness.