The diagram reflects the ebb and flow of emotional process through the generations. It defines the vicissitudes of a living organism, the multigenerational family. (Family Evaluation, pp. 306)

Here is a demo of the timeline feature in the Family Diagram app. This demonstrates the breadth of the data that can be organized in this tool, and how the app provides a new way to visualize the family unit as a “living organism.”

My thoughts after seeing this in action:

  • This now becomes a catalog to accumulate a comprehensive set of family data in one place.
  • Collects all data, not just data for a specific problem or process.
  • You can use it as a family journal to add events as they happen.
  • Can rewind to a problem in the past and view emotional process around it.
  • Should add the ability to export the comprehensive data set into a spreadsheet, with or without “sensitive” data like emotional process.