Commercial release coming soon

Family Diagram is going to be released very soon. It will be available on a subscription basis for $199.99/year, or $19.99/month.

Anyone will be able to download and work on one diagram for free. This will allow anyone to work on their own diagram for free. Free users will be able to import diagram files but will not be able to save diagram files outside of the app. Importing a diagram into your free diagram will overwrite the previous free diagram. The idea is that a coach can start a diagram for a client, and then hand the diagram off to the client once the client is interested in taking responsibility for their own diagram.

Information for current beta testers

The release of Family Diagram will bring changes for current beta testers. All previous accounts that you created will be deleted once the app is released. This means that you will be asked to create a new account using an email address again. This should not be a big deal considering there is no important information stored in the current beta accounts.

Many beta testers have been using the app to edit multiple diagrams. Once the app is released, you will have to buy a professional subscription to continue to edit multiple diagrams. You will be able to import the diagrams that you have edited previously into your one free diagram, but any changes to that diagram will obviously be lost if you import another diagram into it.

Good luck! We are excited to finally get this thing off the ground!