Professional systems coaches may want to share a client’s diagram with that client once the client is ready to manage their diagram themselves. However, while a client can simply import their diagram file from a coach into the free version of Family Diagram, they cannot save that one free diagram outside of the app. That means that they can’t share any changes that they make with their coach.

The trick to get around this is to have the client buy and a one-month professional subscription for $19.99 and then immediately cancel that subscription. This will charge them the $19.99 but will prevent the subscription from renewing once the first month has passed. The professional subscription will continue to be active during that first month and they  will be able to export and send their diagram to back their coach as many times as they want during that month.

A client would ideally take full ownership of their own diagram and present their work to their coach. However, most clients rely on the coach to manage their diagram. But as remote coaching becomes more popular it will be interesting to see if this more sophisticated family diagram tool steps forward as an integral part of systems coaching, and who takes ownership over the task of maintaining the diagram. I have certainly seen some benefits to showing the diagram front and center right from the beginning of all of my remote sessions. The clients tend to report appreciating the broad view that this provides of their family emotional system.