Timeline in Family Diagram app

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The diagram reflects the ebb and flow of emotional process through the generations. It defines the vicissitudes of a living organism, the multigenerational family. (Family Evaluation, pp. 306) Here is a demo of the timeline feature in the Family Diagram app. This demonstrates the breadth of the data that can be organized in this tool, [...]

My build notes for PyQt using pyqtdeploy on macOS, iOS

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LIBS READMEAttached here are my hard-won build-notes for a PyQt app using pyqtdeploy for iOS, iOS Simulator, and MacOS. PyQtDeploy Build NOTES for iOS, macOS UPDATE: After the release of pyqtdeploy-2.1, I didn't need to build the sys root dirs in the manner described in this post. pyqtdeploy v2 is a FANTASTIC build tool. Simply [...]

New rtmidi version 2.3

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rtmidi provides dirt-cheap midi hardware access in python, and is the core of the midi swiss army knife PKMidiCron. The rtmidi version has just been bumped to version 2.3. No major changes, but updated project config to work for pypi. Install like so: pip install rtmidi More information here: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rtmidi/2.3

Modeling Family Systems

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Here is the beginning of a plan for the Family Diagram app, now including concepts for a simulation model: Standardized Family Diagram app: Construct traditional static family diagrams in iPad / Mac, eventually windows. Use standardized built-in symbols for emotional process between members. Track session snapshots by date for each case file, each snapshot updating ages, births/deaths, [...]

Family Diagram: Showing Promise

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I am very excited tonight. I have had some success using Family Diagram while attending a psychoanalytic case presentation, and also during a brief concept presentation at a local Bowen seminar. An idea came from the Bowen seminar that already adds value to this tool as a practical contribution to Bowen theory. During the psychoanalytic case [...]

Deploying PyQt5 to iPhone simulator

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pyqtdeploy is a fantastic build tool for PyQt apps. It crams all the code and libs needed to run the app into a single binary, securing the source and simplifying compatibility and deployment. Thank you, Phil. Unsurprisingly, pyqtdeploy requires that you build static libs of python, sip, qt, pyqt, and qscintilla, and it helps you build [...]

Toward a Theory of Natural Design

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All this after a night of getting up to speed on the best frameworks for build a cross-platform (mac/win/ios/android) graphics-heavy app... In my other life I am a researcher of psychology, or rather of natural systems which happen to include the human mind. I am currently working through my dissertation which will involve looking at [...]