Open Terminal from Finder Window

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- Create an automator application with the following AppleScript and save it somewhere.on run  tell application "Finder"    try      activate      set frontWin to folder of front window as string      set frontWinPath to (get POSIX path of frontWin)      tell application "Terminal"        activate        [...]

New Twitter Account

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I've separated my athletic / personal twitter account with my software / music / art twitter account. The old "pkaudio" is now called "plasteredskier" and I've created a new empty "pkaudio" account. Hope to see you followers back there again.

Separation of Ego and Will

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I believe the path to enjoyment through excellence lies through the heart more than the average athlete. The Ego drives so much of our lives, and thus can quickly get out of control and throw our lives of course. Because of this, it's easy to think that removing the Ego from the equation would coax [...]


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I wanted to call this post "giddy", but it turns out that word means "having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy". Not really the feeling I was going for.But, I digress.I am elated at the direction the web is going in. I am most excited with how far from "web" the web is actually becoming. Watching the [...]


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A quote from a really good book:"Design is a process of making, it is the transfer of ideas to a surface by means of tools. Eric Gill used the image of a hand and eye as an emblem in his design. Graphic design exploits the visual and sensual in equal measure."If the computer deprives us [...]

More Bliss: All-Keyboard control in OS X?

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Speaking of bliss... I was just recalling the blissful days of WindowMaker and writing code using nothing but emacs and an xterm. Sub-80 chars and python-mode syntax those were the days. The only thing I used the mouse for was to position and resize my windows once at startup, and I rarely did that [...]

Reaching the top: Pure Bliss

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Have you ever reached a state of pure bliss with your code, or technology? Like when you feel like your skills AND ability to see the big picture both reach a high point so that you are able to actually *express* yourself like an artist. It seems like this is only possible when you specialize [...]