More Bliss: All-Keyboard control in OS X?

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Speaking of bliss... I was just recalling the blissful days of WindowMaker and writing code using nothing but emacs and an xterm. Sub-80 chars and python-mode syntax those were the days. The only thing I used the mouse for was to position and resize my windows once at startup, and I rarely did that [...]

Reaching the top: Pure Bliss

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Have you ever reached a state of pure bliss with your code, or technology? Like when you feel like your skills AND ability to see the big picture both reach a high point so that you are able to actually *express* yourself like an artist. It seems like this is only possible when you specialize [...]

Managing Software Projects: When has it gone RIGHT?

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It occurred to me yesterday that I have never seen a software project managed well. (Almost) Every project I've worked on has had the fortune of excellent talent that has delivered and made someone money, but the developers always get burned out doing it.Is this just the nature of the industry? Is it not actually [...]

Scaling with Virtual Machines

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One new thing since my real-world hiatus in the music industry is the prevalence of low-cost (like free) virtual machine software. They're cheap, they're stable, now we have linux and windows wherever we want, we can all own macbooks.This idea is extremely intriguing when you start applying it to deploying server software. It seems to [...]

My release schedule

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0) Throw that dumb DDD/FRD schema you learned in college out the window.1) Gather requirements. Talk, meet, and outline as much of the system as you can with your poor human brain. Make sure you know your tools well enough to ask the right questions. Compile a list of atomic features that can be checked [...]

Beware the “cool” company

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"Office Space" changed everything. The cubby has been a known death-wish for several years. Grey walls, beige boxes, dorky ties and coffee mugs. Screw that, right?These days you see a lot of companies steering clear of that dead and dying image by sprucing up their offices, having more fun group events, shooting toy guns at [...]

Steve Job’s 1997 re-hire keynote

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Steve Jobs’ ‘97 WWDC keynote after being rehired to rebuild apple. Back then they still said “Rhapsody” and “Networking”. The most compelling part is that his message has always been the same even through the iPhone “antennagate” flak: "Stop bitching and build a better product than us."“The reason Apple was successful is because we weren’t [...]

And I quote…

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"But none of this answers the original question: why do we have an element? Why not an element? Or an element? Why not a hyperlink with an include attribute, or some combination of rel values? Why an element? Quite simply, because Marc Andreessen shipped one, and shipping code wins.""Scripting is here to stay, but should [...]

The Beer Code

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I've noticed lately that you can work so hard on a problem that sometimes it actually helps to stop, drink a beer, and go at it again with whatever the beer gives you on the way. It's like there's two modes of thought, one that works with a clear head and maybe some coffee, and [...]