March 2017

Family Diagram: Showing Promise

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I am very excited tonight. I have had some success using Family Diagram while attending a psychoanalytic case presentation, and also during a brief concept presentation at a local Bowen seminar. An idea came from the Bowen seminar that already adds value to this tool as a practical contribution to Bowen theory. During the psychoanalytic case [...]

April 2016

July 2014

How I perform Live Looping with FCB1010, Push, Violin, Bass

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UPDATE: I have created an additional Max For Live device that makes this whole setup quite a bit easier to use by customizing push's grid and eliminating the laptop from the performance. I'll add another post with an easy to digest video once I get it totally refined.This post is the culmination of a few [...]

April 2014

The Mythical Toolkit

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I have a dream.... Whenever I come across a new toolkit, find it's feature list appealing, and starting looking deeper at the documentation, I have a dream of what I want it to be. Interestingly, the dream is almost always the same regardless of what domain the toolkit addresses - mobile development, video game programming, [...]

February 2012


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There is a small window between learning and knowing where it's possible to surprise yourself with a good design. Sometimes you are confronted with a new set of technologies and a new problem domain, and armed with a solid background in the fundamentals software engineering. You lay out the plans and begin work taking the [...]

December 2011

User Interaction – The Next Step

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The best thing about the iPad. Man, we dev monkeys have known for a long time that something like the iPad was a good idea. Remember how touchscreens were like this mystical feature into a world of futuristic interfaces for so long? Like how engaging warp nine was totally the shit in conceptual whiteboard land [...]


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We've been having a hell of a (great!) time stitching together a new creative process with a new team here in the office. The company is already producing some really great 3d models, and I have been hired to head up the software effort to make those models interactive. Go touchscreen, go!Something that has struck [...]

November 2011

October 2011

Open Terminal from Finder Window

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- Create an automator application with the following AppleScript and save it somewhere.on run  tell application "Finder"    try      activate      set frontWin to folder of front window as string      set frontWinPath to (get POSIX path of frontWin)      tell application "Terminal"        activate        [...]

New Twitter Account

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I've separated my athletic / personal twitter account with my software / music / art twitter account. The old "pkaudio" is now called "plasteredskier" and I've created a new empty "pkaudio" account. Hope to see you followers back there again.