Family Diagram allows you to create family diagrams for use in family or individual psychotherapy, organizational coaching, and case presentations. Different than a genogram, a family diagram is centered around Bowen’s concept of differentiation of self. Coaches who are interested in applying Bowen theory can use Family Diagram in real-time with their clients to quickly gain a larger perspective on an emotional system.

Family Diagram makes it easy to add new members while maintaining a clean layout, collect arbitrary dimensions of functioning, and allow for hand-written annotations using the Apple Pencil. It runs on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Beta testing will proceed with interested parties before a full commercial release. Educational licenses will be available in limited quantities. If you would like to submit your ideas, interest, or donate to the project, please get in touch with us using the form on this page.

Beta Testers

Access to the beta testing program is currently by invitation. If you are currently enrolled in the beta testing program and are looking for the beta wiki, click here.

Though development does not follow a schedule, platforms will be supported based on reported demand. The current beta version is for macOS, which will be followed by iPad, which will be followed by Windows desktops.

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Questions & Requests

Must-have features, Practical domain (clinical, organizational, educational), desired device (iPad, Mac, Windows), etc.

Planned Features

  • Allow editing of multiple people at once.
  • Support twins, triplets, Quadruplets.
  • Apple Trackpad pinch-and-zoom.
  • Support for Apple Pencil
    • Allow for detection of drawn males, females, marriages
    • Add notes, w/ timestamps
  • Functioning up/down arrow symbol with timestamps.
  • EHR Features.
    • Effort to work towards a family-centric EHR.
  • Tired subscription model.
    • Free for personal use, i.e. one diagram.
    • Paid tier for professional use, i.e. may diagrams
    • Paid tier for educational use.
    • Free tier for involved parties and some educational entities.
  • Share diagram to collaborate with others.