Family Diagram allows you to create family diagrams for use in family or individual psychotherapy, organizational coaching, and case presentations. Different than a genogram, a family diagram is centered around Bowen’s concept of differentiation of self. Coaches who are interested in applying Bowen theory can use Family Diagram in real-time with their clients to quickly gain a larger perspective on an emotional system.

Family Diagram makes it easy to add new members while maintaining a clean layout, collect arbitrary dimensions of functioning, and allow for hand-written annotations using the Apple Pencil. It runs on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Beta testing will proceed with interested parties before a full commercial release. Educational licenses will be available in limited quantities. If you would like to submit your ideas, interest, or donate to the project, please get in touch with us using the form on this page.

App Features

  • Standard family diagram features described in Micheal Kerr’s Family Evaluation.
  • Simple editing of personal and aggregate family histories.
  • Maintain comprehensive family data set as opposed to a single snapshot on time as in paper diagrams.
  • Track emotional process over time in diagram.
  • Support arbitrary family system research frameworks on timeline.
  • Visualize arbitrary family dimensions along timeline.
  • Tag-based, scalable data management.

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General Inquiries and Email Sign Up

Sign up to receive an email when Family Diagram becomes available in the App Store, for general inquiries regarding Family Diagram, or to join the beta program.

Beta testers receive a pre-release copy of the app. Currently, the beta program is full but there is a need for beta testers who are either:

  • Willing to put some effort into looking for bugs in the app, i.e. where it isn't doing something it is supposed to do, or
  • Willing to put some effort into entering family cases which challenge the theoretical integrity of the current diagram and symbols. This task is likely more appropriate for people who are very familiar with theory and are interested in advancing the family diagram from an academic/theoretical perspective.

If you are interested in serving one of those two functions, please feel free to reach out using the form below to indicate your interest.

Current Beta Testers

Access to the beta testing program is currently by invitation. If you are currently enrolled in the beta testing program and are looking for the beta wiki, click here.

Though development does not follow a schedule, platforms will be supported based on reported demand. The current beta version is for macOS, which will be followed by iPad, which will be followed by Windows desktops.