Family Diagram allows you to create family diagrams for use in family or individual psychotherapy, organizational coaching, and case presentations. Different than a genogram, a family diagram is centered around Bowen’s concept of differentiation of self. Coaches who are interested in applying Bowen theory can use Family Diagram in real-time with their clients to quickly gain a larger perspective on an emotional system.

While developed by Vedana Media, all information for Family Diagram has been moved to Alaska Family Systems.

*Windows and iPad versions in development, but not yet scheduled for release.

“With Family Diagram, one can input events, shifting relationship patterns, and changes in family member’s functioning over time. Family Diagram is a big step forward in our ability to track family emotional process and its role in illness and health.”

Laura Havstad, PhD, Clinical & Family Psychologist, Director, Programs in Bowen Theory

Family Diagram enables tracking family emotional process possible in a way that paper diagrams cannot and it is easy to keep the diagram up-to-date. The timeline feature illuminates family patterns that are more difficult to see in a less dynamic modality.

Katherine Kott, Ph.D.

App Features

  • Designed for the application of Bowen Theory and differentiation of self.
  • Uses standard symbols described in Micheal Kerr’s Family Evaluation.
  • Allows tracking emotional process over time, not just a snapshot of the basic pattern.
  • Represents a comprehensive family data set of family functioning.
  • Maintaining personal and family histories.
  • Support custom family research variables in timeline.
  • Visualization tools to help find correlations in time.
  • Tag-based, scalable data management.

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