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This page contains important information about Family Diagram.

Future Cost of Use

Beta versions are fully functional but will be deactivated once the app is for sale in the App Store. Once it is in the App Store, the app will be free for developing a single diagram. A subscription fee will be required to create multiple diagrams which indicates professional use.

Beta versions are deactivated when a newer beta version is available.

There is currently no way to implement student discounts in the Apple Mac store. Student discounts will be made available if a way of verifying student status becomes available in the Mac App Store.

Submit Questions and Ideas

Please do let us know at any time if something confuses you or the app isn’t working the way you think it should.

Video Walkthroughs

These videos contain an explanation of concepts and practical instructions for features of the app. Some are out of date visually, but conceptually most are current.


Click here for the current version of the user manual.

Usage Tips

  • You can access the app’s folder using File -> Open Documents Folder.
  • You can disable the pinch-zoom trackpad command in the app Preferences (File -> Preferences…).
  • You can recenter the diagram using View -> Zoom Fit.

Planned Features for v1.0.0 release.

  • Presentation Layers
    • Cycle through the layers to demonstrate a point in a projector presentation.
    • Handwritten annotations, linked to person, marriage, or relationship (iPad).
    • Show/hide people.
    • Set colors for people to discriminate between groups.
    • Set transparency/opacity for people to send some people to background.
    • Text callouts like comics, linked to person, marriage, or relationship.
    • More
  • Tiered-Subscription implementation
    • 1) Personal use: one diagram?
    • 2) Professional use: many diagrams?
      • Tiered by number of diagrams?
    • 3) EHR tool – no emotional process?
    • 4) Free/discounted licenses for business partners?
  • Track actual global locations typed into location fields.
  • Better visual timeline, display data in more ways.
  • Ability to drag separation/divorce line along pair-bond line.
  • Do something with person tags (somehow link to Layers?)
  • Fuzzy date ranges: just year, just year/month.

Wish-List Features

  • Support for Apple Pencil
    • Allow for detection of drawn males, females, marriages
    • Add notes, w/ timestamps
    • Handwritten notes linked to person (iPad).
  • Share diagram to collaborate with others.
  • Handwriting recognition: draw people, symbols, write into text fields (iPad).
  • Ability to share/collaborate file with others like google docs.
  • Develop app into systems-oriented Electronic Health Record (EHR).
    • Core Principle: Keep it centered on the family. Don’t get sucked into full-blown bloated EHR project unless compatible with family theory.

Theoretical & Technical Challenges

  • Think of a way to track anxiety. Increased shade within person?
    • How would you draw people with no anxiety shifts set.
  • Think of a way to track shifts in functional and/or basic self (dotted outline).
    • How would you draw people with no anxiety shifts set?
  • Think of a way to track distance/cutoff between one-to-many or many-to-many.
  • Think of a way to show frequency of contact between people.
  • Think of a way to track home location over time.
  • Think of a way to retain event descriptions without breaking confidentiality.

Email List

You can view past discussions to the Family Diagram email list here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/family-diagram