Instructions for Technical Support Requests

If you are having trouble using Family Diagram, please consult the User Manual under the “Help” menu. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the manual or cannot access the manual, you may follow the following instructions to submit a support request:

  1. Take screenshots of the problem you are seeing either with your phone or using command-shift-5 on macOS.
  2. Copy and paste any crash reports you see.
  3. Write out the steps to reproduce the problem as precisely as possible.
    1. Bad examples: “app won’t load,” “can’t add people,” etc.
    2. Good examples: “1) Clicked ‘Download Family Diagram’ on website. 2) Double-clicked downloaded file and got this window (see attached screenshot). 3) Double-clicked ‘Family Diagram’ and got an error message (see attached screenshot).”
  4. Email your description of how to reproduce the problem along with your screenshots to

We will respond to your support request as soon as we are able. If you require more timely or personalized support, you may consider additional paid support using the information below.

Additional Support Options

Individualized support is available on a fee basis. This can include 50-minute app coaching sessions over Zoom, or group seminars either over Zoom or in person. You may submit all requests for individual sessions or group seminars to

50-minute Individual Coaching Sessions

You may choose to schedule a 50-minute individual coaching session with Patrick Stinson, Psy.D. Dr. Stinson is both the developer of Family Diagram and a systems coach in Bowen theory. 50-minute individual coaching sessions are offered to those who have consulted the manual and tutorial videos that are provided with the app and are working on diagramming their own family or another family. The more you can work out a goal or goals for your diagram effort, the more productive the session can be.

Individual App Coaching Session: $150

Group Seminars

You may choose to host a group seminar. Group seminars are structured through individual presentations on their effort to study family in greater detail using the app. These 6-hour seminars are most productive when individuals make the effort to develop their individual goals, use

6-hour Group Seminar Session (excluding expenses): (call for pricing)

6-hour Group Seminar Session over Zoom: (call for pricing)

90-minute Group Seminar over Zoom: (call for pricing)

Other Arrangements

You may contact if your needs to not fit one of the above cases.